Satan Saves

Christianity Kills

Innocents killed in the name of Christ: Millions
Innocents killed in the name of Satan: None
Excluding the psychotic, schizophrenic and mentally ill, who also kill in the name of god, there is not a single killing in the name of Satan on record.

Welcome Fellow Traveler With Satan

Redeemer Church of Satan strives to live by the example of Satan, an eternal struggle against The Oppressor, in which there are no outcasts and all are welcome to join the fight for liberty.

The mission of Redeemer Church of Satan is to glorify Satan and extend His kingdom by living and proclaiming His truth in the world. We are a worship-oriented church that promotes thoughtful debate about how The Oppressor and his son have attempted to enslave us and how we can find freedom and personal fulfillment through Satan.

We all bend a knee to Satan, but Redeemer Church of Satan encourages us to think for ourselves, so we don’t necessarily share the same opinions about every faith issue or social concern. And there are many of us. We worship Satan in ever major metropolitan area in the Unites States and have members in 43 other countries. Our largest growth in membership is occurring in Utah.

We encourage you to explore our site and our faith and to join us in worshipping Satan and fighting The Oppressor.

Eve – The First Satanist

by Morgan - RC of S ~ May 7th, 2008

For your next Satanic gathering, ponder one of the founders of our Church, the biblical Eve. As an instrument of the Oppressor, she knew nothing of love, pain, understanding, empathy, longing, anticipation or satisfaction. Our Lord Satan gave her the apple of self-knowledge, and with it the most profound gift, the opportunity to decide her own fate, her own destiny. 

What lessons can we learn from Eve’s brave step on the path towards self knowledge and fulfillment? What lessons can we learn from Adam’s initial fear to accept self awareness, and his ultimate repudiation of that fear? And what does The Oppressor’s actions against the First Satanists teach us about the fear and slavery that Christianity would impose?