Satan Saves

Christianity Kills

Innocents killed in the name of Christ: Millions
Innocents killed in the name of Satan: None
Excluding the psychotic, schizophrenic and mentally ill, who also kill in the name of god, there is not a single killing in the name of Satan on record.

Give me strength

by Morgan - RC of S ~ April 24th, 2008

Lord Satan, help me to ignore Christian hypocrisy and overcome their bigotry.

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  1. chameleon

    That’s a tough topic, and patience with the mindless dogma of their blind faith is not one of my virtues… I resort to axes and very large sticks.

  2. me

    That statement just proves how blinded you all are by the devil but, you are not to blame for thinking like that. That’s how the devil works he is a deceiver that raps you in his lies but at the end when judgment day comes you will see that it was all a lie because if you don’t repent of all your sins and except Jesus Christ as your one and only true savior you will all end up in hell with him burning in the river of fire as said in the holy bible.
    Yes we are all sinners but we can pray to Jesus Christ to forgive us for our sins and he will forgive us because we are all his children and even if you don’t agree with this or Christianity he will give you a chance to see the truth when the time is right. He will never let you die without having a chance to repent but in the end you must make the choice to follow the true path to eternal life after this one or burn in the river of fire for all eternity with Satan don’t let him have your precious soul….

  3. DAVID

    you think that god has any control over the world that jesus can do anything?jesus is dead god turned his back on the world.

    satan and all the fallen dont give a shit about any human,even if you prey to them they still wont do anything for you at all,even if you give you wouldnt be enouff to save you from been torn apart and your blood to wash it down.

    in the end when there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth and eat the living…

    take every day as a gift enjoy life…

    and that feeling you get when your alone and your heart races and feel like your behing watched?

    you are.

  4. Satan's Solider

    All christians are as a cancer on this Earth and this can be seen by the small fry posting idiotic comments on Satanic sites in hope that their dead “god” will stop us, all the way to the child molesting and mass murdering campaigns carried out by the Catholic church i.e. the Inquisition and the Crusades to name a few.

    One day VERY SOON Lord Satan will SMITE these fuckers and then humanity can advance and be as Gods under Father Satan’s Wings for all time!!

    Ave Satanas!!

  5. khold demon


  6. Just Me1

    Can satan help me with my problem,,. i’m just 14,, & i accidentaly had sex,,with a 16 yr old girl and got her Pregnant,, Can Satan help ME to Kill The Child in the girls Womb,, shes Just ., 1 month pregnant,., If Satan Can’t ,,Could Someone Fuck’n Help me.!!!

  7. Just Me1

    I am willingly to Worship SATAN!! If Satan Could Just Get Rid of That Stupid Child,.. Cuz I don’t Want To Be stuck With That girl,, She’s a total Prostitute,,. hahahaha,,.. i wish That girl To Be killed!

  8. Heartburn Home Remedy

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  9. dayne

    saiten is with me always………………..infidels will die

  10. Joe

    Sometimes Satan confuses me. I really get the impression that he’s sometimes for me on my side and sometimes I get the feeling that he doesn’t care or doesn’t want to be bothered. I know he’s a very busy spirit.

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